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      Hello lovely formulators

      Welcome to our new cosmetic science portal. After sharing our knowledge and experience on Swetti's Beauty blog and on greencosmetic.science blog for more than seven years we have decided to move to this platform in order to expand the level and the depth of our interaction with our readers and subscribers.

      Here we have the possibility to go into the dept of each topic, answer your questions and provide you with content that helps you create safe, stable and effective hair and skin care products.

      Whatever is published on Swetti's Beauty Blog remains as it is and would be accessible to public for free as before. We're even going to add new free content to it but not as often as before.

      For access to the content in our science portal you need to be a member or :

      Purchase single articles (You read the summary of the post and you can purchase it as a single article if you find it useful and interesting). This is a download and read only option. This means, the purchase of the single article (non-refundable) will not allow you access to our discussions, members-only Facebook group, q&a sessions and forum (31,95 € incl. 19% German VAT- Non refundable)

      Why become a member when there are so many information available online for free?

      • Because the free information (and unfortunately even sometimes the paid information) is not always correct. It's often confusing, contradictory and misleading if not completely false.
      • Because you have so many questions Dr. Google can not answer
      • Because science is dynamic and you need to catch up with the latest knowledge if you want to create outstanding products, offer something new and help make this planet a better, safer and cleaner place
      • Because we help you create and design your formulations from scratch and don't push you through automated formulation calculators and DIY recipes
      • Because you become a member of a community with the same goal: create stable, safe and effective products and help make this planet a better, safer and cleaner place

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